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Yellow Jacket Collective has a special focus on children and youths. Each piece of PRISMA has a special version targeted to a young audience. YELLOW - We’re Halfway There is played for 10-12 year olds through KuBo in Gothenburg and Kulturkatalogen Väst in Västra Götalandsregionen.
In october 2022 we will work specifically on making a version of BLUE - Turning Tide targeted to children through residency at Dansakademins LABB at Regionteater Väst in Borås with coaching from Pontus Linder and Anja Arnquist. 


In connection to any performance from PRISMA we can happily offer workshops where we invite the children to move and be creative with us.
We also give free standing workshops on the theme of the colors. In 2022/2023 Amélie is working regularly with the children at La Prairie, Sedan for PAG workshops (Projet Artistique Globalisé) around colors, and with the teens in the dance programme of High School Monge, Charleville-Mézières France.

Are you interested in arranging a workshop with us? Or just participating?
Send us an email!

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