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Why Yellow Jacket?

One says giving a yellow rose is a sign of friendship. Our friendship started with a yellow jacket passed down from generations to our mutual friend. We were both very fond of this jacket and the friend promised to gift it to Amélie but ended up leaving it in Rannhvi's apartment. We agreed that the jacket belonged to the both of us.
A yellow jacket can refer to a lot of things: a jazz band, a superhero, a specie of wasp, a social movement, utilitarian workwear... For us it's the symbol of our connection and the beginning of our artistic journey together. Yellow Jacket Collective was born in 2021 between France and Sweden.


Who are we ?

Rannhvi and Amélie met in 2017 in Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. The two were always paired up for partner work and they developed a close bond through movement. Together with Linn Fletcher they won Koreografi Konkurrencen 2019 with their trio Pomology. After graduating in 2020 Amélie and Rannhvi continued their artistic collaboration and founded Yellow Jacket Collective in 2021.


Rannhvi Mebius Jormin

Rannhvi is interested in improvisation and has worked in several improvisation-based projects, for example: Humanography (2021) by Dance Remainings, A Study of Choreographic Choices (2021) by Linda Wardal and To write dance and to dance writing (2020) with Danskompaniet Spinn.

During her training she worked with various choreographers such as Gustavo Ramirez, Anton Lachky, Mauro Astolfi and Tamas Moricz. In her final year of education she completed internships at Norrdans, Skånes dansteater, Regionteater Väst, Weld Company and Danskompaniet Spinn. 

She graduated from Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School in 2020 from the 3 year Diploma Programme under the direction of Lotte Sigh and Morten Innstrand.

Rannhvi was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. She graduated from Donnergymnasiet in 2017 with a diploma in Music with special focus on vocals and drums.


Amélie Roch Portrait.jpg

Amélie Roch

Amélie's practice is rich of different styles and she worked on diverse repertoire and original creations such as Gustavo Ramirez's A Thousand Thoughts (2019), Taiat Dansa's Bara Blu (2019) , Tamara Gvozdenovic's Adonis, (2020), Juan Tirado's (Frantics Dance Company) El diseno (2020) and Carlo Massari's Sisters  (2019).

She discovered contemporary dance in Strasbourg University where she graduated with honors in 2015 with a Bachelor in Performing Arts majoring in Dance studies. 
She chose to pursue her training in Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School between 2017 and 2019. She was part of Dance Art Faculty's post graduate company N-Ext in Rome under the direction of Mauro Astolfi (Spellbound Contemporary Ballet) during 2019-2020.

Amélie was born in Strasbourg, France. She started dancing at a young age and invested herself into learning different practices such as ballet, tap dance, hip hop and jazz.


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