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We're Halfway There

Duo - 35 minutes

YELLOW -  We're Halfway There

Yellow Jacket Collective

Choreography and dance : Rannhvi Mebius Jormin, Amélie Roch
Scenography : Rannhvi Mebius Jormin, Amélie Roch
Costumes : Quentin Deana

Teaser and photography : Fabien Garoux

Music : Andy Stott, Roy Orbison, René Aubry, Sigur Ros

Supported by : 
Pôle Danse des Ardennes
Konstnärsnämnden (Swedish Arts Grant Committee)
Danscentrum Väst

Suitable for all audiences

Welcome into our yellow universe!

Yellow - We’re Halfway There is a nuanced and playful reflection on young adult life and its ups and downs. We base our narration on real life experiences and share our joy, disillusions and losses through movement, choreography and scenography. Humanity, vulnerability and friendship constitutes the core of the composition while using the color yellow as a red thread.

In our yellow universe, we let the body translate, be inspired and speak for all shades of the color, as a metaphor for life. Contrasting interpretations of the color’s spectrum, such as happiness and danger, are put into motion on stage. The choreography is combined with scenography built with yellow-painted boxes creating an interactive environment rich in different choreographic languages. It is a dynamic piece that reflects life's unpredictability from a playful and humorous perspective.

Rannhvi 3.jpg
Amélie Boxhead 2.jpg
Rannhvi Box .jpg

Yellow Jacket Collective, all rights reserved, 2021.

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