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Choreography series

Green Light

Coming Soon!


Coming soon!

Colors form and sculpt our daily life. They are an expression of our world's construction with their symbolism and history. With the color as starting point we research how associations, references and symbols can be put into motion through the prism of the moving body. We let the body transcend the color through a poetic mirror of our reality creating a universe that offers the audience a canvas where they can paint their own story. The colors are something everyone can relate to and each person, no matter age, will interpret the piece differently.
PRISMA is a series in four, each part focusing on a specific color. The first piece YELLOW - We're Halfway There premiered at MJC Calonne in Sedan, France, in October 2021. The company is now active with the second part: BLUE co-produced by Rum för Dans in Sweden. BLUE is a dance performance in two versions: BLUE - Turning Tide and BLUE on site. In 2023 the work of the color GREEN will begin and the last piece of the series will be RED. 

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